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Citrine healing properties

  • Is restful and warming
  • Boosts confidence and creates a sense of personal power
  • Provides a sunny energy to stimulate the mind in the winter months
  • Anchors and activates the lower chakras

Teaches you how to manifest and attract wealth and prosperity and all good things. The stone for success and abundance. It's an uplifting stone that brightens your life with positive energy.

Birthstone - Gemini

Planet - Mercury

Element - Air

Chakra - Solar Plexus

Crystal Tips

Put a piece of citrine in your coin purse or wallet to bring you abundance and wealth - it is known as the 'money stone'

  • Keep citrine at work to boost your creativity
  • Wear citrine when you are low to make you feel brighter
  • Citrine in your bedroom enhances your relationships
  • Hold citrine to prevent nausea and stomach ache
  • Place citrine crystals in every room to speed up the sale of a house

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