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Rose Quartz is generally found in two regions of Madagascar, Ambatondrazaka and Antsirabe, the latter being considered the best deposit in the country. The regional material always has lovely colour intensity and gemmy clarity but this is variable depending on the grade.

Madagascar is renowned for the gemmy clarity of its Rose Quartz but tends to have lighter tones of pink. Star-Rose Quartz is the main material from the region which produces an asterism on a sphere. The same material is often used for points and other polished items such as bowls, standing free forms and gallets
Blue Rose Quartz
New Blue Rose Quartz material which has only been found in the last 2 odd years, with very little material being mined up to now. The material is a hard one to describe, as it is found in the Rose Quartz deposits, but certainly has a blue Girasol-like colouration, but we are not quite sure why it is not simply called Blue Quartz as opposed to Blue Rose Quartz, as it is certainly not pink by any stretch of the imagination! New material is always sought after post discovery, and this stuff is no exception. Very funky stuff, which is somewhat odd in appearance, but we like it! 

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