Smoky Quartz - Welcome to Connected by Crystals

Healing Properties

  • Calms the mind
  • Grounding stone
  • Helps to repel negative thoughts and emotions

Smoky Quartz

Grounding smoky quartz encourages peace.  It reduces negativity and self-doubt from within

Birthstone -Capricorn

Planet - Saturn

Element -Earth

Chakra – Base

Crystal Tips

  • Wear smoky quartz to dispel negative energy
  • Put smoky quartz in your bedroom to boost sexuality
  • Place smoky quartz by your bed to enhance dream interpretation
  • Hold smoky quartz to increase the healing energy that flows through your hands
  • Keep smoky quartz near you at times of loss to ease grief
  • Place smoky quartz in your living room to bring calm and help you ground your energies and relax at the end of the day

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