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Labradorite is a truly exceptional gem, celebrated for its mesmerizing chatoyancy, which manifests in a captivating spectrum of colours. These hues can range from enchanting shades of blue, yellow, pink, purple, and occasionally, a stunning red. Among these, the deep blue variety is the most commonly encountered, while other colours are notably less prevalent. Polishing Labradorite to reveal its enchanting chatoyancy is an intricate and demanding task, requiring a rare and specialized skill set. Only a select few possess the expertise needed to coax out these remarkable iridescent displays, making the process of working with Labradorite an art form in itself. A mere fraction of worked material emerges with the desired chatoyant effect, underlining the rarity and craftsmanship involved. At our selection process, we meticulously handpick each piece to ensure the highest quality chatoyancy, recognizing that the form and shape of the gem also contribute significantly to its overall appeal. The result is a splendid collection of polished Labradorite items, each bearing the mark of a true geological wonder. Explore this extraordinary gem and let its unique charm and iridescence enhance your collection. 

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