Birthstones, starsigns and their meanings


Birthstone Garnet  Colour Red  

It is believed to bring good fortune to the wearer.  It signifies loyalty.  You have a strong spirit and an amiable nature.  You stand up for things you believe in.  You are self-confident and persevere in whatever you do.

Capricorn Starsign 22/12 - 20/1  Stone Carnelian

A warm and energising stone great for invigorating the mind and body.  Promotes energy, creativity and self esteem

January - Garnet - Carnelian


Birthstone Amethyst   Colour Purple

It is believed to protect the wearer from evil eyes.  It signifies sincerity.  You are a lovable and honest person.  You are calm and gentle with people.. You are multi-talented personality.

Aquarius Starsign 21/1 - 19/2  Stone Angelite

Helps you to speak the truth and be more compassionate.  Brings peace and inner calm


Birthstone Aquamarine   Colour Baby Blue

It is believed to keep the wearer healthy and free of diseases.  It signifies wisdom.  You love peace and serenity but when required you are extremely courageous and have a fighting spirit.

Star Sign Pisces 20/2 - 20/3  Stone Amethyst

Believed to enhance memory and improve motivation.  Helps you achieve more realistic goals in life


Birthstone Diamond   Colour Clear

It is traditionally associated with mystery, romance, power, magic, etc.  It signifies purity.  You are an innocent person.  You are very loving and affectionate towards your near and dear ones.  You are very strong, yet kind and caring.

Star sign Aries 21/3 - 20/4   Stone Red Jasper

Cleanses and detoxifies the body.  Releases energy gently and steadily.  Helps you feel complete


Birthstone Emerald   Colour Emerald Green

It is believed to keep the wearer calm and healthy.  It signifies love.  You are a peace-loving person.  You like children and pets.  You are usually very romantic and affectionate to your loved ones.

Star sign Taurus  21/4 - 21/5   Stone Rose Quartz

Calming stone which helps unconditional love and restores harmony. 


Birthstone Pearl   Colour White

Pearls are believed to possess magical powers.  They signify wealth.  You are a fun person and are known for your sense of humour.  You are an extrovert.  People love being with you.  You are also an intelligent person

Star sign Gemini  22/5 - 22/6   Stone Agate

Brings inner strength and grounding.  Dispels fears and helps with concentration and prosperity (Many agate stones available)


Birthstone Ruby    Colour Red

It is believed to guard the wearer against misfortune and bad health.  It signifies freedom.  You are sincere and hardworking.  You have a happy and enthusiastic spirit.  You tend to make great friendships.   People like you for your loveable nature.

Star sign Cancer 23/6 - 23/7   Stone Rhodondite

Nurtures love and helps you see both sides of issues.  Heals emotional shock and panic


Birthstone Peridot   Colour Lime Green

It is believed to protect the wearer from evil and help improve relationships.  It signifies friendship.  You are a jolly person and generally successful in whatever you do.  You have a creative mind and your friends adore your nature

Star sign Leo 24/7 - 23/8   Stone Tigers Eye

Tiger’s eye is believed to balance yin and yang and energises the emotional body and lifts mood.  Good luck stone


Birthstone Sapphire   Colour Royal Blue

It brings peace and wisdom to the wearer.  It signifies truth.  You are an achiever and are industrious in whatever you do.  You are mentally strong.  You become emotional at times but do not show it.

Star sign Virgo 24/8 - 23/9   Stone Sardonyx

Attracts friends, stability in partnerships and good fortune.  Helps motivation, discipline and strengthens character


Birthstone Tourmaline   Colour Pink

It is believed to bring beauty and happiness to the wearer.  It signifies hope.  You are very talented.  You love to try new things.  You are known for your optimistic spirit.  You do not show your angry side too often and are a friendly person.

Star sign Libra 24/9 - 23/10    Stone Jade

Brings purity and serenity, wisdom and tranquillity.  Attracts luck, friendship and love


Birthstone Topaz    Colour Yellow/Gold

It is believed to bring good health and fortune to the wearer. It signifies loyalty.  You are faithful towards your family and friends.  You are honest with your dealings and have great mental strength.  You are brave and courageous when needed.

Star sign Scorpio 24/10 -22/11    Stone Obsidian

Provides support during change, repels negativity and helps fight the effects of depression


Birthstone Turquoise    Colour Sea Blue

It is believed to bring happiness and good luck to the wearer.  It signifies success.  You are a smart person and can achieve what you strive for.  You are good at relationships and open about your thoughts.  You are a caring and kind person.

Star sign sagittarius 23/11 - 21/12  Stone Snowflake Obsidian

Calms and soothes the mind, enhances clarity and clears confusion.  Helps with positive decision making


Colour Black

It is believed to improve relationships.  It has a highly protective energy and is good for women who lack courage.  It helps to improve the memory and stimulate the mind.  It is very good with health issues and is known for its help with pain relief.

rainbow hematite

Colour mixed colours

It is used to treat disorders of the blood, anemia and the digestive system.  It can help the body to heal and help to treat sleep disorders.