How to cleanse and charge your crystals

How to cleanse and charge a stone

Most stones have been on a journey before coming to you so it’s a good idea to cleanse any energy it has picked up on its journey to you.  By doing this you prepare it for a new life and purpose with you.

Some people are confused between cleansing and charging so to make it easier to understand, to cleanse a stone is to remove any energy it has absorbed from elsewhere and return it to clean, pure energy.  To charge a stone is to replenish its energy after its been used, however a stone must be cleansed before it is charged.

There are different ways to cleanse a stone, the easiest is to smudge it with sage.  Light a stick of sage or a sage cone and blow it out so it smoulders.  Hold your crystal in the smoke and let it rise around all sides of the crystal.  Do this until you feel it has been cleansed enough.  It’s great to sage yourself too as it will cleanse your own energy.  Advantages quick and easy with no discolouring or damaging of your stone Disadvantages you may smell of smoke

Another way is to soak in salt water by mixing a ratio of 3 tsp of salt to half a gallon of water.  Place your stones in the mixture and soak for 12 hours.  Disadvantages time consuming and some stones may dissolve in water

Rain water is another choice as it will wash away any negativity in your stones.  Use your own intuition on how long to leave them out depending on how much it rains.

Burying your stones in the earth for 12 hours can also cleans and rejuvenate them, just remember where you bury them!

Cleansing by sunlight or moonlight is a definite favourite.  Moonlight is a stronger but not always available and some stones may fade if left for too long.  This also charges your stone

Another way to charge your stone is to place on an amethyst or Citrine cluster or piece of selenite as they naturally replenish their energies

Once a stone has been cleansed and charges you need to set a clear intention for what the stone is to be used for.  Despite our best intentions, we are usually out of balance and may have incorrect intentions for our stones.  To make sure that your stone is always used for the highest good it is important to dedicate the stone. 

To begin your intention hold your cleansed and charged stone in both hands in a quiet place.  Focus your thoughts to the stone and declare it will be used” in light in love and for the good of all” Then add whatever it is you want for the stone such as protection, love, harmony etc.  End your intention with “And so it is” this will seal your intention into the stone.

Once you have cleansed, charged and set the intention on a stone it will be ready to be used.

The more times this ritual is done by you the stronger the energy from the stone will become.