Gemstones and their meanings

On this page you can find meanings of the gemstones available on the website.

Amazonite - Finance - Aids prosperity and good practice in business.  The stone of new opportunities.

Amber - Healing - Good for memory, intellect and making choices.  Brings good luck and protection.  Purifies mind, body and spirit

Amethyst - Memory - Believed to enhance memory and improve motivation.  Helps you achieve more realistic goals in life

Angelite - Awareness - Helps you to speak the truth and be more compassionate.  Brings peace and inner calm

Apache Tears - Heal Grief - Good for emotional balance.  Helps behaviour change, forgiveness, negativity and grief

Apricot Agate - Heart Warming - Calm, improves memory and concentration

Aquamarine - Compassion - Brings calm, courage, protection, compassion, spiritual awareness and development. 

Black Agate - Grounding - Brings inner strength and grounding.  Dispels fears and helps with concentration and prosperity

Black Obsidian - Protection - Provides support during change, repels negativity and helps fight the effects of depression

Bloodstone - Cleansing - Calms the mind, dispels confusion and enhances the decision making process, revitalises

Blue Banded Agate - Harmony - Harmony, improves positives and negatives, builds self confidenct and awareness

Blue Chalcedony - Trust - Good for dealing with childhood issues.  Facilitates emotional expression

Blue Goldstone - Talsiman - Use as a talisman to bring a little luck wherever you go

Blue Lace Agate - Calm - Soft gentle energy bringing calm and reduces negative atmospheres.  Reduces arguments

Blue Obsidian - Understanding - Understanding, supports communication on all levels, stimulates growth in all areas, soothing and calming

Blue Quartz - Emotional Balance - Good for awareness and energy shift.  Brings issues to the surface and clears while keeping you grounded.  Helps anger and anxiety

Blue Tigers Eye - Courage - Courage, enhances communication, helps you recognise and understand thoughts and ideas

Botswana Agate - Life's Purpose - Helps find your inner self.  Promotes confidence while keeping an air of mystery and inner beauty

Brecciated Jasper - Wholeness - Helps keep feet on the ground.  Encourages mental clarity and absorbs negative energy

Carnelian - Energy - A warm and energising stone great for invigorating the mind and body.  Promotes energy, creativity and self esteem

Cherry Quartz - Anxiety Relief - Anxiety Relief, an uplifting stone which assits as an anti depressant and brings hope, love and emotional balance

Chevron Amethyst - Sleep - Helps aid a good nights sleep and brings positive dreams.  Promotes spiritual wisdom and understanding

Chrysocolla - Feel good - Good for stress, phobias, tension and guilt.  Can help to mend a broken heart

Citrine - Abundance - Prosperity, Happiness, Success, Decision Making Stone, teaches you how to attract wealth

Clear Quartz - Master Healer - Aids concentration, unlocks memory and brings the body to balance.  Great meditation stone.  Enhances energy in other stones

Crackle Quartz - Uplifting - Raises mental energy and ifts the body physically, bringing balance to both and encouraging prolonged happiness

Dalmation Jasper - Dispels Nigthmares - Great for calming animals, stops you being over analytical, harmonises the emotions, reflection

Dragon Eggs - Reflection - To help focus and think things over clearly

Fluorite - Focus - Encourages orderly thinking, learning and study.  Helps with organising and calming chaos

Goldstone - Ambition - Helps you attain your goals and gain strength.  Deflects negativity and is a good energy generator

Green Aventurine - Comfort - Believed to dissolve negative emotions and thoughts.  All round healer bringing emotional calm and well being

Green Moss Agate - Self-Acceptance - Grounds excessive spiritual energy, brings stability, courage and a felling of settlement.  Enhances creativity

Green Quartz - Healing - Helps negative energies transmit into positive ones, attracts prosperity and success

Hematite - Memory - Effective at grounding and protecting.  Harmonises the mind, body and spirit.  Stimulates concentration and focus

Howlite - Safe Travel - Safe Travel, Protection, Decreases Stress, Calming

Jade - Good Luck - Brings purity and serenity, wisdom and tranquility.  Attracts luck, friendship and love

Kambala Jasper - Happiness - Happiness.  Improves state of mind and wellbeing.  Brings prosperity and a sense of fun

Kyanite - Tranquility - Brings calm and tranquility.  Aligns chakras.  Good for yin/yang balance, dream recall and understanding.  Frees energy blocks

Labradorite - Inspiration - Helps with insecurity, anxiety and stress.  A stone for protection, positivity and wisdom

Lapis Lazuli - Relaxation - Good for relaxation, relationships, dreams, yin/yang balance and all psychic abilities.  Helps depression

Lava Stone - Courage - strength and courage, it allows one the opportunity for stability throughout changes in their life

Lepidolite - Depression - Calming, helps distrust, depression, stress.  Good for addictive personalities and transitions such as death/dying

Mahogany Obsidian - Empowerment -  Strengthens and protects in times of need.  Improves circulation and stimulates growth

Malachite - Endurance - Brings calm and emotional balance.  Helps depression

Mookaite - Attitude - Versatility.  Assists in helping you make the right choices.  Clears your mind

Moonstone - Femininity - Assists in slowing down hormonal changes and brings calm and balance to emotions

Mugglestone - Attitude - Good protection stone, promotes positivity and detoxifies and cleanses the soul

Ocean Jasper - Self-Love - Encourages love of yourself and nurturing of others.  A protective stone which brings wholeness and tranquility

Onyx - Self-Control - Self Control, helps you overcome stressful situations by remaining calm.  Increases stamina and self control

Opalite - Dreams - Helps dreams become reality.  Stabalises mood swings and helps calm emotions

Orange Calcite - Energise - Brings calm and balances energl;y.  Helps with aggression and belligerence

Pink Agate - Unconditional Love - Increases unconditional love and aids in parental bonding.  Boosts self-confidence.

Pink Opal - Self-heal - Helps behaviour patterns and violent behaviour.  A stone for self-healing, spiritual awakening, renewal and love

Pink Moss Agate - Optimism - A positive stone that encourages and improves self-esteem, love, hope and fulfillment.

Picture Jasper - Knowledge - Boosts the need to increase knowledge and brings clarity when there is intense pressure.  Nurturing and protective stone

Rainbow Hematite - Stimulant - Stimulates concentration and focus.  Is uplifting and helps prevent anxiety and insomnia.  Great detoxifying stone

Rainbow Hematite (M) - Stimulant - Stimulates concentration and focus.  Is uplifting and helps prevent anxiety and insomnia.  Great detoxifying stone

Red Avenurine - Determination - Creates positive attitude, encourages get up and go.  Helps overcome obstacles and kick a habit

Red Jade - Strength - Eliminates fear of faliure and encourages physical strength.  Helps support tose with addictive personalities

Red Jasper - Energy - Cleanses and detoxifies the body.  Releases energy gently and steadily.  Helps you feel complete

Red Tigers Eye - Motivation - Promotes positive attitude, helps self-confidence and increases motivation

Rhodonite - Emotional Balance - Nurtures love and helps you see both sides of issues.  Heals emotional shock and panic

Rhyolite - Self-heal - Strengthens mind, body and soul, brings insight and resolution to difficulties, enhances self esteem, self worth and self respect

Rock Salt - Protection - Dispels negativity and releases emotional attachment.  Protection Stone

Rose Quartz - Love - Calming stone which helps unconditional love and restores harmony. 

Sardonyx - Willpower - Attracts friends, stability in partnerships and good fortune.  Helps motivation, discipline and strengthens character

Selenite - Intuition - Aids angelic protection and romoves energy blocks.  Balances the emotions and calms the mind and soul

Smoky Quartz - Releasing Negativity - Relieves depression by balancing the emotions.  Helps cleanse and clear the aura.  Dispels unwanted fear

Snowflake Obsidian - Self-Awareness - Calms and soothes the mind, enhances clarity and clears confusion.  Helps with positive decision making

Sodalite - Clarity - Calms and balances the mind, boosts confidence and self-esteem and reduces insecurity

Sugilite - Healing stone - Good for spiritual love and finding your life path.  Helps with hostility, anger, jealously, forgiveness, prejudice and despair

Sunstone - Vitalitly - Helps with fear and stress.  Protection.  Brings strength, abundance and longevity

Tigers Eye - Balance - Tigers eye is believed to balance yin and yang and energises the emotional body and lifts mood.  Good luck stone

Tree Agate - Self-Esteem - Ensures safety in challenging situations, brings a positive ego and promotes good self esteem. 

Turqentine - Flexibility - Helps with all aspects of travel.  A helpful aid for planning and arranging

Unakite - Detoxing - Cleanses and detoxifies the body and helps eliminate bad habits.  Balances emotional self

Yellow Agate - Resolve - Spreads joy and happiness, attracts abundance, confidence and prosperity.  Brings conclusions to questions

Zebra Agate - Yin Yang - Brings a clearer understanding to life's problems.  Helps with verbal communication and seeing both sides of a situation