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Blue Lace Agate, meticulously sourced from the mines of Nsanje, Malawi. The deposits yield a dynamic mix of blue to white chalcedony, occasionally forming mesmerizing banded patterns, and showcasing crystalline geode-like or intricate vug specimens. The lapidary work is where the magic truly happens, revealing lovely crystalline exposures and intricate shapes that enhance the natural beauty of this stone. Renowned for its captivating blend of banded white to blue colours, this polished Blue Lace Agate becomes a perennial favourite among collectors and enthusiasts. A select few specimens may even surprise with the inclusion of Dog Tooth Calcite crystals within the geodes, adding an extra layer of fascination. Every piece is carefully chosen and cleaned, ensuring the highest quality for discerning collectors. Shiny crystals within the vugs and on the plates, along with occasional clear drusy-like coatings, contribute to the stone's popularity.

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