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Good for stress, phobias, tension and guilt.  Can help to mend a broken heart.  It has a very soothing energy while pregnant.  It also helps with labour pain. Stimulates the throat chakra for clear and open communication of your inner wisdom.  Promotes an harmonious energy in the home and helps difuse family issues. A feel better stone.

Birthstone - Taurus, Gemini

Planet - Venus

Element - Water

Chakra - Heart, throat

Vibration - 5

Crystal Tips

Keep chrysocolla with you when you are pregnant, it's soothing energy is good for both you and your unborn child

Put chrysocolla in your garden to help balance the earth's natural energy

Give yourself a boost of sexuality and revitalise your relationship by placing chrysocolla around your bedroom

Wear or carry chrysocolla to ease the symptoms of premenstrual tension

Give chrysocolla to frie

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