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Green Aventurine represents comfort and is believed to dissolve negative emotions and thoughts.  Green Aventurine is an all round healer, bringing emotional calm and well being.  Relaxing aventurine helps you centre your intent.  It comes with an organza bag and a meaning card.  

Birthstone - Aries

Planet - Mars

Element - Fire

Chakra - Heart

Crystal Tips

  • Hold Aventurine to strained or aching muscles for relief
  • Place Aventurine around you when revising for or taking exams to ease your nerves and reduce stress
  • Keep Aventurine near you to benefit from increased reaction times when engaging in competitive sorts or driving
  • Carry Aventurine to increase your leadership and motivational skills
  • Wear Aventurine to prevent 'energy vampires' from sapping your energy
  • Meditate with aventurine to bring you closer to your spirit guide

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