Pendulums and how to use them

How to choose your pendulum

There are many different styles and shapes and they are made from many different materials but most people seem to prefer crystal ones.  The main rule of thumb is to go for one you are drawn to as you are more likely to have an affinity with it and will be able to work better with it.  For a first pendulum a lot of people go for an amethyst or quartz (rose or crystal) as these are some of the most popular and familiar stones. As long as it is rounded or pointed at one end it will be ok to use as a pendulum.

What is a pendulum used for

When you purchase a pendulum for the first time, most people would use it to answer questions or help in making decisions.  This is done by asking questions that require a yes or no answer

As you become more in tune with your pendulum it can be used for a variety of other things including

  • To help you find lost objects
  • To cleanse and dispel negativity in a room or area
  • For healing purposes
  • To identify allergies

 Where do the answers come from

People are split on how a pendulum works and whether it is really working or is just responding to the movement of your hand.  While it can be made to move with your hand movements it is not always the case and as you practice with your pendulum you will see why.  As with any form or divination, it involves a certain degree of faith, belief and an open mind as your answers will come from intuition and spirit guides


How does a pendulum work

It acts as a transmitter and receiver by tapping into your intuition and sixth sense.  It allows you to ask questions that require a yes or no answer

Example – Should I take the bus today?  What wouldn’t work is should I take the bus today or walk as it cannot answer 2 questions together.  When you ask a question your pendulum with either move in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction or from east to west or north to south.


How to use your pendulum

  1. Cleanse and charge it (see the how to cleanse and charge your crystals on the website on how to do this)
  2. Make sure you are relaxed and calm as the more relaxed you are the greater the flow of energy
  3. Hold the chain or cord between your forefinger and thumb of whichever hand is more comfortable
  4. Move your other hand away (some people place their other hand slightly underneath the pendulum but not touching) you may see the pendulum start to move, this is perfectly normal
  5. Ask test questions to find which direction your pendulum moves (I always start with ‘Am I a girl’ and whichever way it moves means that is my yes. What you must do is give the pendulum time to answer before moving on to the next question – asking am I a girl then jumping to am I a boy will confuse it and it will quiver or not move as it needs time to answer. I normally ask one test question around 3-4 times over a 2 minute period and I find the direction the pendulum goes gets stronger.  Once I am sure that is my yes direction I then ask am I a boy (again for the same length of time) and watch the direction change.  I then know this is my no direction
  6. As you become more experienced with your pendulum you can start asking it other questions like whether you can trust someone, which route to take in your life and more fun things like helping you find things that are lost. Another way to get more answers is to use a pendulum board. This gives you a whole range of other answers that allows you more interpretation of your pendulum


What if my pendulum doesn’t work

In some instances you may find your pendulum isn’t giving you answers, this may be that you have misinterpreted your yes or no answers, you are not giving it enough time to answer.  If you are stressed or feeling negative they do not work well or if you are by a lot of electrical equipment.  Try cleansing and recharging as this sometimes works.  If all else fails it may not be the right pendulum for you and it may be worth trying a different one.