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Large stunning piece.  Weighs approx 2.285kg.  It represents protection and provides support during change.  It repels negativity and disperses unloving thoughts.  It helps fight the effects of depression.  Stunning piece to have in any collection.

Grounding obsidian brings you down to earth.  A protective stone that puts a bubble round you to stop any negativity and things that bring you down getting through. 

Birthstone -Sagittarius

Planet - Jupiter

Element - Fire

Chakra – Base

Crystal Tips

  • Look into obsidian to see your true self and your future
  • Give obsidian – the mirror of the soul – as a symbol of wisdom
  • Wear obsidian for protection from accidents and to dispel unkind thoughts
  • Keep obsidian with you to promote understanding when learning new skills and concepts
  • Meditate with obsidian to allow its male energy to stimulate your dynamic masculine side
  • Place obsidian by your bed to help release trapped tears from past events
  • Place obsidian by your front door to eliminate negative thoughts and emotions from entering

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