Atlantasite (Stitchite and Serpentine) - Welcome to Connected by Crystals

Atlantasite is also known as a mixture of Stichtite and serpantineis a carbonate of chromium and magnesium. Its colour ranges from pink through lilac to a rich purple colour. It is formed as an alteration product of Chromite containing Serpentine. Stichtite is rare and sought after in the broader international market. The pieces I source come exclusively from the mines in Barbarton, South Africa. The rough pieces are then polished in the suppliers factory. 

Stichtite is purple and ranges in colour intensity. The Stichtite is often found in association to either a black or brown coloured Serpentine but most recent deposits have yielded material with semi gemmy classic green Serpentine. Deposit yields mostly small rough pieces which makes larger pieces rare and collectible.