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  1. February Birthstone Amethyst

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    💜February Birthstone – Amethyst💜

    💜With its purple hue, amethyst and February are the perfect combination.  Amethyst is February’s birthstone and is appreciated by a wide audience, from the youngest to the oldest. Elegant and discreet, amethyst is easy to wear and will beautifully complement any look.

    💜Among the many benefits attributed to it is its ability to bring calm and serenity to the wearer. A stone of wisdom as it is sometimes called, it calms whilst warding off evil spirits and nightmares. It strengthens intuition and develops imagination.

    💜Uruguay, Brazil, Madagascar and Canada are the countries with the world’s major amethyst deposits. This semiprecious stone belonging to the quartz family can be found in a wide variety of colours. Its palette ranges from light purple to dark purple, passing through violet.

    Symbols: Clairvoyance, Fullness, Honesty
    Uses: Amethyst was used to calm anxieties and protects against nightmares.
    Traditions: February’s birthstone, amethyst offers all the virtues associated with Crown Chakra. It stimulates creativity while granting clarity and imagination. Amethyst stone also plays a very important role in concentration