Selenite Charging Tools

In order for your crystals to work at their best they need to be cleansed and charged.  This is where a selenite charging plate or bowl comes into its own.  

Selenite is not like any other crystal.  It does't need to be charged and will amplify the energy of any crystal that is placed on it.  It is made of gypsum and in 2004 it was discovered that gyspum is also found on Mars! perhaps this is why it connects so well with crystals!

Stones have vibrational energies and low vibrational energies attract negative energies so it is essential to raise your vibration to keep feelings of grief, anxiety, fear and anger out of your mental and pyhsical space.  This is why selenite is an essential part of your collection.  It has the ability to cleanse, purify and align you with your highest potential.  It can shift your aura and energetic vibration to attune you with a higher energy.  It can help to dispel all negative energy from teh body and mind.  As selenite magnifies the energy of anything placed on it, you will find people have plates or bowls of varying different shapes.  Another great tool is a selenite charging wand which can also be used instead of sage or incense to cleanse rooms or used on yourself to clear negative energies around you.

It is great to charge any jewellery that includes healing stones or just the stones themselves.  Place your stones on the plate overnight to cleanse and clear any negative energies.