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Titbit Tuesday - Crystals healing shapes and their uses

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Crystal Healing Shapes and their uses

There are several different shapes you can see healing stones in,  here are some you may find and what they are used for

A Crystal Point


A great crystal for helping to draw the energy of that crystal to you or to help you release it if needed.  Just point the point towards to you feel the crystal drawing energy through it and into your body.  By holding the point away from you allows the energy to be released.  They can be used to do distance healing. 

A Double Terminated Crystal Point

 double term

This is a stone used to balances it can release and absorb energies from both ends at once.  Useful for healers but they must be aware not to point in their direction if they do not want to receive or give energies from others.


Crystal Cluster


This consists of many crystals embedded in a solid base.  They unify the energy and dependant on the crystal in question, is dependent on the energy released.  Amethyst, Clear quartz and citrine clusters can be used to cleanse other stones by placing the stone on top of the cluster and leaving for 24 hours.  Don’t forget to cleanse your clusters regularly though!



A wand can come in many shapes and sizes, it may be faceted or smooth and may have a single or double point.  Smooth ones can be used as massagers, allowing the body to receive specific energies.  They are a great healing tool for therapists and acupuncturists.  To use as a healing tool, you must first release any energies that are held in the body by pointing the wands point away from you.  When this has been done, you can turn the wand around and allow the renewed and clean energies to flow back into your body. 



A great massaging tool to release and receive energies into the body




These are normally equally shaped on all 4 sides and have a flat base.  They can be used to release negative energies by placing them in a room and are a great protection shape by imagining yourself and loved ones within the pyramid shape.

Heart shaped crystals


These have been shaped by man and emit a loving vibe.  This is why Rose quartz is popular in this shape

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