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What are Crystals?

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What are crystals?

Crystals are formed from minerals, and they occur naturally in the earth's surface.  Under the microscope, a crystals atomic sturcture resembles a three dimensional lattice.  Every crystals atomic pattern is unique.  

Crystals may work as if by magic, but there are a multitude of reasons as to how and why these stones are thought to possess the abilty to heal and magnify energy.

The power of crystals have been recorded in many different scenarios over time, from the Bible to Ancient Egyptian teachings.  Because all crystals are different as are we, it is impossible to describe the exact response you may have to a crystal, but understanding the process of healing will certainly help.  

Philip Permutt has a great way of explaining the effect of crystals when you work with them for healing

"Imagine a traditional set of weighing scales, not evenly balanced with one side higher than the other.  If you visualise a weight dropped onto the higher side to bring it into balance with the other side.  The scales wobble a bit as they find the equilibrium, but will soon come to rest at the point of balance." 

When working with crystals the same can happen to you, your emotions wobble before stabilizing.  The effect of crystals can feel uncomfortable as you release negative thoughts and emotions but if you persevere you will soon notice improvments in your life

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