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How to choose a crystal

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How to choose a crystal
Choosing a crystal may seem a little daunting when you first delve into the world of crystal healing but don’t worry, here are some tips when purchasing a crystal.
All crystals are attuned to a particular vibration and have certain properties so you can look them up in a book or on the internet to find the most appropriate.
Information is readily available and a great way for newbies to start but be aware everyone has different experiences and views so it can be confusing and sometimes contradictory when reading up certain crystals
See which crystal you are drawn to.
By following your instincts and trusting your intuition you begin to trust yourself.
There is no right or wrong, it may be the colour, shape or feel of a crystal that draws you to it.
I am a firm believer the stone picks you not you pick the stone. I have been into crystal shops and gone, only to have to go back as something was calling me.
It’s not always obvious which stone you need so never worry if you are there for a while, you will know when you find it.
You can choose which crystal to carry round with you by using a pendulum. This is also known as kinesiology (muscle strength reaction). By placing your pendulum over the stones in question, you can see which are picked out for you.
Energy Connection
Passing your hand over the top of your crystals can make a strong energetic connection. You may feel an electric charge or tingling on your hand or skin, it may even be a hot or cold sensation.
If all else fails and you are still unsure which crystal to choose, opt for a clear quartz which is a ‘master healer’ and heightens natural healing power and healing potential

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