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Cleansing your Crystals

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Cleansing your Crystals


All crystals whether tumble stones crystal balls, healing wands or jewellery should be cleansed before using or wearing because crystals pick up and absorb energies from their surroundings and also from anyone or anything that has touched them. Over time they can lose their sparkle, brightness or even colour and this is a good indication that they need cleansing. Some people believe that some crystals never need cleansing Citrine for instance but it can never do any harm to cleanse the crystal even if all that needs removing are the most superficial influences of someone else’s touch. Be especially careful of crystals that have been used by another person or worn on the body, cleanse these thoroughly before using them so you have removed other people's energies and give the crystal your own.

Here are some of the many ways to cleanse crystals before you work with them.  With all of these methods your intention is key.  As you cleanse your crystals focus on the task in hand, and in your mind ask that all old or negative energies are being released


Water most crystals can simply be washed under running water with intent - focus your mind on effective cleansing as you hold the crystal underwater for few minutes. Holding a crystal in a fresh running stream is ideal but running tap water is just fine too.  If your crystal is water soluble such as selenite use one of the alternative methods to cleanse it of stale energy.  Never use saltwater as it can damage some crystals


Sunlight leave the crystal in sunlight although beware the quartz crystals especially crystal balls will focus the Suns rays and can be a fire risk


Moonlight place the crystal where it will be lit by the moon especially a full or new moon. A waxing moon symbolises a phase of increasing energy where as a waning moon is linked with declining energy and will not cleanse your crystal effectively


Incense waft the smoke from a frankincense or sandalwood incense stick over the crystal


Smudging light a smudge stick over the crystal.  Traditionally used is either sage (from North America) or Palo Santo (from South America) and the smoke is wafted using a feather towards an open window.  Make sure you safely extinguish after use. If you extinguish it in a pot of sand it is easy to relight and use again


Breath breathing on your crystal has a cleansing effect. Breathe in deeply then as you exhale focus your mind on cleansing the crystal of any negativity


Earth bury your crystal in the Earth where the moon is full and unearth it at the time of the new moon


Rice Place your crystals in a bowl of unrefined brown rice overnight but make sure the rice is thrown away the next day and not eaten


Crystal Geode, Cluster or Amethyst Bed Place on the top of the bed or inside the geode


Sound to clear crystals of any unhelpful vibrations, sounds created by chanting, drumming, Tibetan bells or cymbals (known as Tingsha) are effective


Reiki practicing reiki on your crystals is also a good method of cleansing 

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