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Crystal Shapes and their meanings

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Crystal Shapes and their meanings
Crystals come in all shapes and sizes and many are now artificially formed to create attractive structures that enhance their energy.  Here are the most common crystal shapes. This list should help you decide which ones to use. Although natural and terminated are the most popular the others work their magic just as powerfully
🔹️Natural-  Most are just little pieces of rock. Some are left in their natural state but often they are polished to create tumbled stones
🔹️Terminated  -  These have pointed ends and are powerful tools for manifestation. Single pointed crystals can remove negative energy or attract power depending on where you point them toward or away from you. With double pointed crystals energy is drawn in and out simultaneously
🔹️Sphere -wholeless, completion the world Pyramid - energy field healing meditation Point - focus and direction, positivity 
🔹️Obelisk - connection between the physical and spiritual worlds
🔹️Merkabah - visions, connection to higher realms
🔹️Heart - love, relationships emotion 
🔹️Egg - birth, creation, new beginning or the start of a project 
🔹️Cube - solid, supporting, reliability
🔹️Animal - connection to pet, totem or spirit animal, movement
🔹️Cluster - these are usually clusters of crystal ridges and points which stem out in different directions from a main centre. They beam energy all over the surrounding area and are great to place in the home to manifest harmony and peace 
🔹️Geode - these are usually small cavern like formations or rock lined with crystals. The geodes shape collects, stores an then amplifies the crystals power. They are great for creating abundance and are usually placed on an altar, shelf or table to act as a generator crystal

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