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Crystal Healing Techniques

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Crystal Healing Techniques 
One of the most effective ways of working with crystals is using layouts which involve placing crystals in special patterns on and around the body to access and unblock the key parts of energy flow
 You can also harness the power of crystals with pendulums and ones as well as by integrating them into other therapies and traditions such as reiki, colour therapy and feng shui.
 For crystal healing you can work alone or with another person. You will need to find a suitable space in which to work and spend a few minutes preparing for the experience.
Regular sessions of 5 to 10 minutes once or twice a week are more beneficial than long complicated processes practiced less less often.  in this way your body will release stresses at its own pace as it learns to maintain equilibrating for itself 
Preparing the healing space 
Although crystals can themselves create an atmosphere of calm and order, healing will be more effective if you work in a quiet comfortable space
Find a Room where you can lie down flat with your legs outstretched 
Reduce or remove distractions such as the telephone, tv,  strong light or loud music Loosen tight clothing 
When working with another person keep everyday conversation to a minimum
Centering, grounding and protecting 
All participants in healing sessions should first centre themselves by focusing and quietening of the body. This helps to avoid confusion emotional upset anxiety or distractions.   To become centred you can do any of the following 
hold or place crystals anywhere on the bodys midline 
contemplate a large crystal held in both hands 
gaze at a crystal placed at a comfortable distance 
hold a crystal while imagining your breath moving through it
You should also ground yourself before a 
healing session
place 1 or 2 grounding stones - coloured black,  metallic, brown or red in one of these areas
On the front of the hips 
Close to the base of the spine
Between the thighs 
Between or on the knees
Between or below the feet
While crystals are in place during a healing session relax with your eyes closed. Any sensations such as tingling, a feeling of lightness or heaviness, energy surges or shifts of perception are simply an indication that energy is balancing.  If you experience any discomfort remove all of stones except grounding crystals, this will quickly restore calm
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