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Archangel Gabrielle

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Archangel Gabrielle


Gabriel mean strength of God .Gabriel is thought to be a female archangel known as the angel of Revelation. Archangel Gabriel is associated with the winter season and is connected to the ringed planet Saturn which rules the cardinal earth sign of Capricorn the sea Goat at the winter solstice.


Guidance and inspiration

archangel Gabriel guide Souls to the Heavenly gates and on their path in life she helps with the communications and messages and will provide assistance in finding your vocation, vision ,spiritual guidance and dreams knowing what to do and what path to choose. Gabriel helps with purification and being born again. Gabriel supports workers in communication, marketing, secretarial work and by extension or emails and texts. Gabriel works at conflict resolution education and computers she helps with arts and crafts Needlework wood work tool work and Performance Arts, hospitality and waitresses.  Travel and tourism including Air cabin staff and sea line works


 Virtue diligence


Colour white


Day of the week Wednesday


Astrology sign cancer


Planet the moon


Chakra sacral


Element water

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