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Using a crystal pendulum for healing is effective in removing energy imbalances from the bodies finer energy systems.  Have a clear intent that the crystal pendulum will only move away from the neutral swing (back-and-forth) when it comes across an imbalance that can be corrected quickly and safely. The crystal will move in a pattern that allows the imbalance to be cleared and will then return to the neutral swing
1. Hold the pendulum lightly and firmly between the thumb and forefinger.  Allow the wrist to relax and hold arm and body in a comfortable position
2.  Start the pendulum swinging in a line to and fro, this is a neutral swing
3.  Slowly move up the centre of the body beginning beneath the feet. Whenever the pendulum moves away from neutral simply stay at that point until the neutral swing returns.
4.  When you get to a point above the head, go back to the feet and begin again, this time holding the pendulum near one side of the body. Repeat for the other side.
5.  If the pendulum goes on moving over an  imbalance for a long time without seeming to change, put another crystal on that spot and move on, check again later

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