Creating a Sacred Space

Creating a Sacred Space

Creating a sacred space allows you to honour those things that are important in your life it can be simple as a photograph and a few flowers or as elaborate as a ritual altar

You may like to arrange meaningful objects to make a temporary special display and this can be a useful contemplative exercise in itself

You can create a sacred space to record or celebrate a special anniversary or event or you might like to set aside a permanent quiet space were you can take time to be with your own thoughts and memories

Adding special crystals brings an extra light and beauty to a sacred space enlivening and keeping the images fresh and positive

A quiet corner of the garden makes an excellent place for quiet reflection and crystals will enhance a mysterious atmosphere as well as helping to keep the plants healthy

You can make a Mini Zen garden by feeling a large flat bowl with clean sand or fine gravel. The range interresting stones and crystals to creating miniature landscape.  Use an old comb or fork to draw patterns in the sand